Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bag LOVE…!!!

After a very long wait, our new Party Favor Bags have finally arrived and I’m a Happy Girl…!!!
I’m ready to CELEBRATE..:) You will be too when you see all of these new Trendy and Modish Favor Bags that just arrived.
I just couldn’t wait to share these new designs with you…. from Trendy Chevron Stripe to Traditional Candy Stripes and we’ve added more colors and sizes too.
Just in time for the Christmas Holidays, our Red & Green Collection will be the Perfect Pick for handing out goodies and treats to your family and friends.

E-Bag-Holiday-Group-10-MEDWe LOVE our new Apple Green bags too…!!!! Mix these bright green bags with our red for bright festive touch.
E-Bag-Apple-Green-Group-MEDOr maybe it’s PINK that you need ….No worries, we gottcha’ covered……Bubble Gum Pink available in
Chevron Stripes….Candy Stripes….& Dots…!!!
Or……is it Blue,Yellow or Aqua….???? Ok, we can do that…Such pretty HAPPY COLORS….!!!

And then for “Dress Up” events, you know, the ones where guys complain about having to wear a tie and girls have to have everything that matches just right…..
Weddings, Graduations, Anniversaries , Job Promotions, and other upscale events..  Black ….  Grey ….  Ivory / Cream
And then all the other fun new trendy colors and designs
…….Orange, Hot Pink, Purple
To get these bags for your next party or event , just go over to web site and you’ll find them all there.
Thanks for stopping by our Sugar Diva Blog,

Sweet Wishes,

Dianne / The Sugar Diva


Friday, October 7, 2011

Yummy New Colors

When the delivery  truck arrived yesterday I ran to the door to bring in the boxes they left because I KNEW what was inside…
NEW YUMMY COLORS  of our beautiful PAPER STRAWS..!!!! I just couldn’t wait to rip them open and feast my eyes on
these exciting new colors.
First up…..Our delicious new BROWN…

E-Straw-Brown-Mug-2-LARGEThis one made me “Squeal With Glee”.
The PERFECT shade of BROWN…..!!!! 
Now….what do we name this yummy color.
Well I believe it’s written there on the mug……….
Yes, that’s it…….Chocolate Brown…..perfect….!!!
OR…..wait, what about
Chocolate Cake ... that’s a yummy name
Oh my, what’s a girl to do…..I love them both
Chocolate Brown … OR …
Chocolate Cake 
or maybe Fudge or Cocoa…!!!
However, I guess my FIRST thought should be the one I choose…….
SO  CHOCOLATE BROWN it is….!!!E-Straw-Brown-Cake-Mug-LARGE
Milk and Cookies anyone…..
look how yummy….!!!
Our precious adorable Milk and Beverage Bottles
filled with sweet milk and served with a side of cookies.
OK….I'll have some Cake with my Cookies…
Sip, Chew, Swallow then repeat…!!!

Moving on, This new color just  Stole my Heart……
Beautiful and Perfect hues……

……. oh so SWEET….!!!
E-Straw-Powder-Blue-2-LARGESuch a soft yet sweet cheery color that
Makes you SMILE….!!!   
SO…..introducing our…… POWDER BLUE ….

This new color will be PERFECT with our new PARTY FAVOR BAGS …. Below is just a “sample mock up” … Bags will be arriving  late next week.

E-Straw-Powder-Blue-Bag-LARGEThen there’s one more that will Melt Your Heart…….   
Sweet, Soft, Charming, Vintage,  IVORY CREAM …..

This Soft Vintage Style Paper Straw will add the perfect touch of sophistication to weddings and other special events. Use them at luncheons and dinners for a quiet upscale accent of modern charm……SO PRETTY…..!!!

Use them with our new Ivory Cream Party Favor Bags as favors place at your table settings for guest to carry home…..
Dinner Is Served
E-Straw-Ivory-Bag-MED E-Straw-Ivory-Bag-3-LARGE

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of our new colors. All these colors are still a few weeks out yet, however keep checking back for MORE SAMPLES of many more to come.

Here’s a list of them for you to look forward to: Ruby Red ( a deeper REALLY Red )   Candy Apply Red  ( bold bright REALLY Red )    Apple / Lime Green ( one of my favorites )

Apple/Lime Green Dots     Yellow Dots      Hot Pink Dots      Pink Hearts      Kelly Green      Navy Blue     Midnight Black    Deep Orange  and more new colors of  LONGER 10 1/2” long paper straws to fit your Party Soda Bottles….

OK….that’s it for now. I’ll be back soon with new Party Favor Bags and more pretty Paper Straws.

Until then,

Eat, Drink and Be Happy….!!!

The Sugar Diva

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Paper Straw Lovers World Wide…!!!

I have no idea what this blogger is saying about our PAPER STRAWS…..however I have to think “It’s all GOOD….”…!!!!
Here is her post….

En Sucker for USA Retro Stuff.

Jag är kanske lite besatt av att titta på fina bakelser, och snygga upplägg inför alla Holidays som kommer nu. Halloween, Thanksgiving och sen Julen.
Och ju mer jag tittar runt på olika sidor desto fler andra sidor hittar man.
Idag hittade jag en jättesöt sida med roliga saker att använda när man har gäster på besök, kanske dom lite mindre dock, men ändå gäster… hittade jag coola sugrör som är retro. Man kan ha dom till allt från att dricka mjölk ur till att dekorera kakor osv.
Eller bara se extremt chill ut när man dricker en cola på stan!
Tips: Glöm inte ett par Ray-ban Wayfarer och en 50-tals klänning för bästa effekt isåfall.
YES……our Paper Straws are making news all over the world….!!!!    Go HERE to find this site. 
The Sugar Diva

Oh thanks so much for you comment.....Here's the "English" version of the post above sent to me by a sweet reader...:)
Thank you Paige...!!

Anonymous Paige said...
It's Swedish (thanks, Google Translate). ******************** A sucker for U.S. Retro Stuff. I am perhaps a bit obsessed with looking at the fine pastries, and good-looking plan for all Holidays as now. Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. And the more I look around on different pages, the more other pages can be found. Today I found a cute site with fun things to use when you have guests visiting, they might be a little less, but still people ... On I found cool straws, Retro. You can have them for everything from drinking milk out to decorate cakes and so on. Or just look extremely chill out while drinking a Coke on the town! Tip: Do not forget a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer and a 50's dress for the best effect that case.
October 2, 2011 12:07 AM