Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Days and Counting…!!!!

It’s almost MONDAY which means only more 5 days and I’m counting them down…I’m like a Kid at Christmas, seriously, and Santa’s Paper Straw Elves PROMISED ME that my new creations would be on my doorstep on FRIDAY..!!! So you know what THAT means. It means that my week end will be spent with camera in hand as I creatively come up with ideas for SHOWING OFF this wonderful new product that has been months in the making………OK, I know you’re tired of seeing the same ole pictures, me too, but in just a few more days, this screen will magically turn into the most charming, beautiful, fun, cute, whimsical page filled to the brim with our NEW Paper Straws….. SL 8SL 15
So if you are as excited over these as I am, come on back in just a few more days to feast your eyes on this wonderful new fun product that I’m SURE will certainly be WORTH THE WAIT….:)
Be back soon, your Sippy Stix gal…!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Order Up….!!!

Hi Everyone and thanks so much for such great support over our new Sippy Stix Paper Straws…!!! And many thanks to all of our followers too..:)  Just a quick update as the excitement builds while waiting for our Fun Cute Paper Straws to arrive.  Expected arrival November 1st..

PS Black Yellow Green Med  I have now added them to our web cart which means you can go there to place your order. We are now taking pre-orders and getting things all lined up and ready once they arrive at our door.  You will not be charged until your order is packed and ready to ship. This just assures you that your straws will be among the first to be shipped.
PS Red Dots Med Group
PS Blue Group Med If you are a business owner and are interested in carrying our paper straws, please contact us for wholesale bulk prices. Our straws will be PERFECT for many food establishments like restaurants, bakeries, cupcake shops, deli’s , candy shops, and the list goes on..!!
PS Pink Med I hope to be back next week with better pictures of REAL SAMPLES that will be sent to me as soon as they roll off the machines..!!! I just can’t WAIT…!!!
I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks again…:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Straws Are Coming

We are OVER THE MOON excited about our NEW PAPER STRAW DESIGNS that will soon be in stock and ready to ship to YOU…!!!  Here’s a “Sneak Peek” at the sample mock ups I made…..:)
SL 15

Are you seeing SPOTS before your eyes No need to blink, there’s nothing wrong with your site….We have designed POLKA DOT STRAWS and we’re in  LOVE…!!

SL 10Not only do we have NEW STRIPES…..but we have POLKA DOTS too…..!!!  Things to remember…The straws shown here in my pictures are “mock ups”, meaning I MADE THEM…!!! Yes I did…BUT…the REAL ONES will look very close to these in regards to color. The designs however are EXACT…!!! And the colors are very close. 

 Now…… let me introduce you to my NEW PAPER STRAW DESIGNS…..Let’s start with BLUE…..This pretty Blue Striped Paper Straw has a matching Blue Polka Dot Paper Straw…AND…look at our Double Stripe Straw done in Red White and Blue…..LOVE this one too..!!
SL 11Next is this pretty shade of PINK…..Stripes and Dots…SO Sweet and charming…!!!
SL 12 
This yummy shade of RED and GREEN…..Red Striped Straws…..Red Polka Dot Straws and Red Green Striped Straws……Perfect mix for the holidays…!!!
SL 19









Next up are our Yummy Yellow Stripes, Passionate Purple Polka Dots, and Lime Green Stripes 
SL 21 And check out our BLACK STRIPED STRAWS and BLACK DOTS and CIRCLE design…Perfect for
SL 16SL 17 Mix them up for a PERFECT PARTY POP of color and Fun…Or just choose your FAVORITE one to match your party theme…

SL 13 
Lots of Dots and Stripes galore…..So HOW do you choose YOUR FAVORITE….
SL 8Just choose the colors that match YOUR PARTY or Event … OR, place a handful in a pretty mug or small ceramic pitcher to place out on your counter. They will bring a SMILE to everyone who passes by….
Thanks for coming along on my