Thursday, October 21, 2010

Order Up….!!!

Hi Everyone and thanks so much for such great support over our new Sippy Stix Paper Straws…!!! And many thanks to all of our followers too..:)  Just a quick update as the excitement builds while waiting for our Fun Cute Paper Straws to arrive.  Expected arrival November 1st..

PS Black Yellow Green Med  I have now added them to our web cart which means you can go there to place your order. We are now taking pre-orders and getting things all lined up and ready once they arrive at our door.  You will not be charged until your order is packed and ready to ship. This just assures you that your straws will be among the first to be shipped.
PS Red Dots Med Group
PS Blue Group Med If you are a business owner and are interested in carrying our paper straws, please contact us for wholesale bulk prices. Our straws will be PERFECT for many food establishments like restaurants, bakeries, cupcake shops, deli’s , candy shops, and the list goes on..!!
PS Pink Med I hope to be back next week with better pictures of REAL SAMPLES that will be sent to me as soon as they roll off the machines..!!! I just can’t WAIT…!!!
I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks again…:)


Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Hi there! Would LOVE wholesale pricing please, if you could pls send through to
thanks so much!!

Stacy - InkSpot Workshop said...

Absolutely can't wait to see all the new pictures!! Congratulations and thank you for bringing us NEW straws to play with!!

Kelly said...

I would love to get some wholesale prices from you ... if you could email me at

ASH said...

Could I hop on the wholesale bandwagon too please?

karen said...

Hi there yep me too love the wholesale prices send to



Marnie said...

Hi there. I have a couple of questions and am also interested in wholesale pricing. What country are these made in / do you make them yourself? Could you please email marnie at marnieb dot come


The Inspired Occasion said...

Can I also please have wholesale information sent through to me?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

hi there, could u please send ur wholesale prices through to me at Thank you!

Mommy Brown said...

I wouls love your wholesale prices please.

lisa roberts said...

Very interested in your wholesale prices.

Thank you!

albasmum said...

Hi, I would love to get some wholesale prices -

Anonymous said...

Would you please send me the wholesale price for these paper straws?
we're from Vietnam, and you?
Our email is
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I would also love to get wholesale prices from you.
Thanks so much!

PaperPosy said...

Hello.. I would LOVE to stock these. Could you please email methe wholesale price list to

hward42 said...

I absolutely LOVE all of your products! I would love to have more information regarding wholesale pricing for your prodcuts. Would you be able to send this info to me at Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you please send me the wholesale price for these paper straws? please to

many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi! I too would love some wholesale prices emailed to me. I am interested in the straws and favor bags. Are the straws made in the USA?