Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Days and Counting…!!!!

It’s almost MONDAY which means only more 5 days and I’m counting them down…I’m like a Kid at Christmas, seriously, and Santa’s Paper Straw Elves PROMISED ME that my new creations would be on my doorstep on FRIDAY..!!! So you know what THAT means. It means that my week end will be spent with camera in hand as I creatively come up with ideas for SHOWING OFF this wonderful new product that has been months in the making………OK, I know you’re tired of seeing the same ole pictures, me too, but in just a few more days, this screen will magically turn into the most charming, beautiful, fun, cute, whimsical page filled to the brim with our NEW Paper Straws….. SL 8SL 15
So if you are as excited over these as I am, come on back in just a few more days to feast your eyes on this wonderful new fun product that I’m SURE will certainly be WORTH THE WAIT….:)
Be back soon, your Sippy Stix gal…!!!

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